Beach Vacation Packing List

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beach vacation checklist
Of all of the great trips and vacation destinations
there is nothing quite as relaxing as a trip, or should
we say escape, to the beach.

Imagine miles and miles of white, fluffy sand, beautiful
sunshine, and the relaxing and soothing sound of the
surf pounding up on the shore. You can probably
even imagine the feeling of wet sand squeezing up
between your toes and the coolness as you walk
barefoot along the shore.

All this is well and good, but there are a few things
that you need to pack and bring along with you in
order to make the most of your beach vacation trip.
Some of these items may be just nice to have, but
some are essential, especially if you are visiting a somewhat remote beach where shopping is quite limited.  
beach vacation packing list that follows focuses on just those items that you will need at the beach
and does not include all of the other items that you may need for your entire trip or while enjoying other

Let's start with a list of some of the bare essential items that you need when traveling to the beach.
Click on the link to print a pdf version of this
beach vacation packing list.
Of course, if you have the extra space to carry other
items and you don't mind lugging them to the beach,
there are many beach items that you may want to
consider to make your time there even more
enjoyable. The list to the right includes some items
that we have enjoyed having while on various family
beach going adventures.

I'm always amazed at how much fun and enjoyment
can be gained by even just having a little plastic
bucket, cup and shovel to build up a small sand castle
and then carving out a moat around it that gets filled
in by a trickle of water filtering in from the surf. It
seems that this is a ageless pastime and both young
and old have great fun creating something out of the

Click on the link below if  you would like a printable
(pdf) version of this
beach vacation packing list.

I hope that your trip to the beach is both fun and
relaxing. We have many fond memories of our trips to
the beach, and some of the best vacations we've ever
had have been there. Be sure and make the most of
your time together. Slow down a little and escape
some of the hectic day-to-day pace, and enjoy playing
with your family at the beach. You deserve it! Have
fun and stay safe.
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