Visit Coronado City Beach

Coronado City Beach or Central Beach runs along Ocean Boulevard with a back drop of beautiful
homes and a magnificent view of the lovely Hotel del Coronado. The beach is extremely wide and  runs
approximately 1.5 miles between the Hotel del Coronado and the North Island Naval Air Station. We
recently spent a wonderful afternoon here while in town for our son's graduation from Marine recruit

Coming across the Coronado Bridge from I-5 gives you a beautiful view of San Diego Bay and a great view
looking down at sail boats and other vessels docked at the marina. Once on the island its a short drive to
Orange Ave, which takes you through downtown and through an area with many quaint shops and
restaurants until you get to Ocean
Boulevard and the beach.

Coronado's Central Beach runs
along Ocean Boulevard. A seawall
of large rocks and small sand dunes
separates the street from the beach
area. Free parking is available along
Ocean Boulevard and from here it
is just a short walk through the
entrance and past the lifeguard
tower to the beach. Actually, as
soon as you come down the stairs
from Ocean Boulevard you are
greeted by a large expanse of beautiful
white sand, with restrooms and a shower area to the left and lot's of action on the sand volleyball court.
Lifeguards are on duty and beach accessible wheelchairs are available to the public, free of charge, at the
Coronado Beach lifeguard tower.
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Beach view of Hotel del Coronado
Beach restrooms and shower area
Entrance to Coronado's Central Beach
Beach View from Ocean Blvd.
Restrooms and Shower Area
Lifeguard vehicle
Palm Trees
Lifeguards on Duty
Beach Entrance from Ocean Blvd.
Coronado Beach sign at Lifeguard Tower
Beach Information at Lifeguard Tower
Homes along Ocean Boulevard
Coronado Beach looking toward Point Loma
Beach View from Lifeguard
Tower towards Point Loma
Backdrop of Fine Homes
For any of you who are familiar with the San Diego area
you know that it is noted for its mild climate. While laying on
the beach or playing in the surf you can enjoy the sunshine
without being wiped out by the heat, as the temperature is
often in the 70's much of the year.

A fun part of visiting the ocean is catching a glimpse of
large ocean going vessels off in the distance. Here, there is
a good deal of activity with both commercial and military
vessels since the Naval base is located nearby. While we
were visiting there was a large tanker type ship off the
coast and we could see a couple of  what appeared to be
Navy Frigates out on patrol or conducting training exercises.

Another interesting feature of Coronado Beach is that no
kites are allowed because it is under the flight path of the
Naval Air Station. This may be a negative if you love to fly
kites, but for us it was neat to periodically see helicopters
or aircraft flying over as we were lounging on the beach or
making sand castles. The north end of the beach has fire
rings if you want to enjoy a fire by the beach later at night
and the far north is Dog Beach where your pets can play

After a fun day at the beach you may want to wander inland
a bit and check out some of the restaurants or shops. We
enjoyed the Village Pizzeria just a short walk from the
beach and the Hotel del Coronado. While we were there
the service and food was great and it was a wonderful way
to kick back and relax after a great day at the beach. If you
are really hungry try one of their enormous 28 inch pizzas.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here and if you are ever in
the San Diego area, make sure that you take the time to
visit Coronado Island. The beaches here are regularly
ranked among the top beaches in the world and it is a nice
family friendly environment.  Have fun and stay safe!
Free Parking on Ocean Blvd.
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