Camping, Fishing, and Hiking

America is blessed with an abundance of outdoor
recreation areas
. Our system of state and national
, landmarks, and monuments provide many
opportunities for
camping, fishing, hiking, and
horseback riding.

Some of our favorite family vacations have been
up into the mountains. Here, we enjoyed camping,
fishing, hiking, and boating. We've also camped at state
parks along the beach, and enjoyed some great fun
making sand castles and digging for clams.

Here are some  
great resources to help you find just the
right camping spot for your family holiday or family

Beach Camping

Camping on the beach can be great fun. Build a sand castle, walk along the
beach, hike through the sand dunes, dig for clams, watch starfish, crabs, or
seals, swim, fish, and enjoy time together.

Beach Camping Parks and Day Beaches

Camping in Forests, Mountains

Roasting Marshmellows
For camping in the forests, mountains, or grasslands these resources should
be helpful in finding the right
camping spot for your family. These links list
all of the
State Parks, property managed by the USDA Forest Service,
Corps of Engineers parks and National parks in the United States.

State Parks
We've put together a special page that has links to the state park web sites
of all 50 states. There are many  nice campgrounds located in state parks.
State Parks for All 50 States

USDA Forest Service
Find information about forest and grasslands in the United States.
Find a Forest or Grassland

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Parks
There are many great parks to choose from here for camping or other outdoor
recreation. This also includes Bureau of Land Management properties.
Corps of Engineers Parks

National Parks and Landmarks
There are many  parks in the national park system that have great camping
facilities. Many of these are also great locations for fishing, hiking, and other
"Must See" List of Places to Visit

View All National Parks (A-Z  Listed by State)

Locate National Parks on a Map by State Region, or Zip Code

Search National Parks By Topic of Interest
Tent Camping

Places to Fish

Fishing continues to be a favorite pastime in the United States. Many camping
locations also have
great fishing, but here is a list of recreation areas noted
for fishing.

Recreation Areas with Fishing

Hiking Trails

Many of the same recreation areas that are used for camping and fishing, also
have great
hiking trails. These range in difficulty from nice, easy, short strolls to
long,  and strenuous hikes. Click on this link to find
great hiking trails all over
the United States.

Hiking Trails

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding
Here are some good recreation areas to ride horses.

Recreation Areas with Horseback Riding
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