Family Vacations on a Budget

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Family vacation ideas on a budget are easier to come by then you might think. For most of us, if we think
back to when we were a kid, some of the best family vacations were not necessarily the ones that cost a lot of
money. For most of us, it wasn't the posh or glamorous accommodations that made the trip fun, it was the
people we were with, the laughs that we enjoyed together and the chance to slow down a bit.
Whether its for a weekend trip or an extended family vacation, throughout the United States there are so many
beautiful places to visit. Choose from city and county parks, state parks, national parks, national monuments,
forests and grasslands, state and national recreation areas, state and public beaches, national seashores, lakes,
rivers, corps of engineers parks, bureau of land management properties and more. Any of these locations could
possibly provide the setting and activities for a wonderful and
inexpensive family vacation -- one that you and
your family would remember for many years to come.
meet family or friends and share lodging expenses. Many of
these homes will easily accommodate two or more families,
and some even advertise for family reunions. We have done
this a number of times on the Oregon Coast and our lodging
expenses have always been much less than if each family
had stayed in a hotel. Plus the location and amenities are
normally much nicer, and the extra family time together
having a morning cup of coffee, walking the beach, or
enjoying a meal together is truly a blessing. Also, you can
control your food costs much easier by dining out less and
cooking more of your meals there.
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Little Spokane River - Washington State
Calaveras Big Trees State Park - California
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Favorite Family Vacations

When visiting any of these locations, you are able to enjoy some of the most pristine, beautiful areas of the
country for very little cost. Aside from the small entrance fees, your main expense is gas to drive there, and food
during your stay, since most of these locations allow you to camp and minimize any lodging expenses. These
expenses are easily kept up with using a good
budget calculator. When traveling by car be sure and bring along
bottled water, drinks and snacks. This alone can save you a bundle on a long trip, otherwise those fuel stops will
be even more pricey, as you grab a water or snack before you get back on the road.

However, if you are not the outdoors type and camping is not for you, there are still ways to keep vacation
expenses down. If you can be flexible with your travel schedule, you can take advantage of some great deals at
popular vacation spots by traveling during the off season. This can get you some reduced or bargain lodging
prices since the peak season prices are normally much higher. Another lodging tip to consider, is looking into
renting a vacation home or cabin. This could be a nice place on the beach or in the mountains where you can