Texas Fall Family Fun

Texas Fall Family Fun -The kids are back in school and
participating in extra activities and the weather is dipping
below 80° at night.  Yep, it is fall in Texas and time to leave
our air-conditioned homes and venture outside.  Here is a
list of activities to enjoy with family and friends this fall in the
great state of Texas.

Celebrate Harvest – Two family friendly harvest activities
are visiting a Pumpkin Patch and walking through a Corn
Maze.  They both offer more than just what the name
implies.  Starting September 24,
Blessington Farms near
Houston offers; Pick your own Pumpkin, Hay Maze, Super
Slides, Hay Rides and Animal Encounters.  Starting on
September 17,
Yesterland Farm near Canton offers; Corn
Maze, Wagon Train rides, Farm Zoo, Super Slide, Pumpkin
Movie/Tipi Theater, Specialty Shows and much more.
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Carving Pumpkins - When you get home with that pumpkin have fun carving a fun face.  To carve a pumpkin begin
by wiping the outside clean with a damp cloth then draw a hole on top for the lid and a hole on the bottom to slip over
a candle.  When cutting the hole for the lid, angle the knife toward the center so the lid will have a ledge to not fall into
the carved pumpkin.  Have the kids scoop out the pumpkin seeds, strings and the inner pulp with an ice-cream scoop
until the pumpkin wall is 1” thick.  Draw a face on the pumpkin and have the adult of the family cut it out.  

Cooking the Harvest – When kids arrive home from a hard day at
school they look forward to cookies and juice.  Here is my mom’s
special fall cookies recipe, Pumpkin Nut.  Serve it with some fresh
Apple Cider that you can buy at a local farmer’s market.  Your kids
will love you!

Get Your Fall Color On – Most of us decorate for Christmas, but
this year, add a little “Fall” color to your home.  A few leaves here
and there, a scarecrow on the front porch, a few grapevine wreaths
on the doors and you’re styling.  You can make a fall wreath either
by using items from your own yard or purchase items from the local
craft store. Plenty of ideas on
Pinterest to choose from.   
Favorite Family Vacations
Texas Tyler State Park
Fire Pit
Fall Foilage
Fall Decorations
Back Deck Time – Enjoy your deck or patio with a good cup of coffee before you start
your day.  A little chill in the air makes the coffee taste so much better.  While you are
out there, start planning that “family and friends” BBQ.  A fire pit or outdoor fireplace
makes the BBQ get-together so much more cozy.  If you do not have one, you can pick
one up at the local box store or home improvement store.  Also, check your grill and
propane tank. You don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of grilling the perfect
steak.  Then, have fun grilling and sitting around the fire sharing stories with friends
while the kids play hide and go seek. Do not forget dessert; SMORES.  Traditional
smores are made with graham crackers, Hersey chocolate and marshmallows. Stripes
Cookies) or Oreos. Also, you can trade out the Hersey Chocolate with your favorite
other chocolate bar, peanut butter cup or caramel candy.  Be creative and make it
your own.  If you have acreage, consider a bonfire.  Check with the local fire
department about restrictions and keep safety in mind at all times.  
Fall Festival
Homecoming Game- Nothing says fall in Texas like high school football.  If
you live near your old Alma Mater consider attend their homecoming.  Many
schools recognize past students and are able to attend for free.  If you are not
near your old school then attend a local high school game. Be sure to wear
the school’s color and have fun cheering for your team!

Fall Festivals – Texas has many different themed festivals for the fall.  The
Texas State Fair in Dallas is a celebration of all things Texan. They have live
entertainment, agricultural competitions, educational exhibits, auto shows, a
carnival, and more.  If you want to experience a little bit of the German culture,
there are several Oktoberfests throughout the state. Fredericksburg’s
Oktoberfest runs September 30 – October 2.  To experience the simpler life,
take the kids to Waco and attend the
Homestead Fair, November 25 – 26.
They show farming life without power tools including bee keeping, barn raising,
rope making and more.  You can even visit Tyler and enjoy the
.  Local festivals are not only fun, but teach skills and tells of the
history of our state.  

The Great Outdoors – Yes, finally we can camp and hike.  Fall is the perfect
time to be in Texas State Parks.  Snakes are at a minimal and it is cool enough
to sleep in a tent at night.  Also, you can hike without dying of dehydration and
heat exhaustion.  Check out these
hiking trails and campgrounds for your
family to enjoy on weekends, fall break and Thanksgiving week. We have even
camped during Christmas week. Are you looking for the look of fall; leaves that
are orange, red and yellow? Then visit
Lost Maple Natural Area which is
known for its beautiful fall color. The park’s web page is updated weekly from
October – November on the progress of the autumn colors.  If star gazing is
what you are looking for, check out
Copper Breaks State Park on the 1st
Saturday of each month.  The park is classified as a dark sky park.  

As you can see Texas is at its best in the fall.  

Enjoy this fall and maybe we will see you around in the great outdoors.
Texas Fall Foilage
Pumpkin Nut Cookie Recipe