Beginner Camping Tips

Even the most seasoned  of campers was once a beginner. Let's face it, we all have to learn
some time, so we've put together these beginner camping tips, with the new camper in mind,
hoping that this will help them come up the learning curve a little faster. Maybe this information
will help you to avoid some painful experiences, and better enjoy your first few camping trips
to the great outdoors.

Beginner Camping Tips - Make, Use, and Maintain a Camping Checklist
By making and using a camping checklist you have at least given some thought to your trip
and done a little bit of upfront planning. By using the list you will be much less apt to forget
something critical to your trip. Take the list along with you and add to it as you think of things
that you wished you had brought. This way your list gets better with each trip, and it makes it
that much easier to plan and go on the next one. To help you get started, we've included the
camping checklist  that we often use when going tent camping.

Beginner Camping Tips on Camping Gear
If you have bought a new tent, lantern, cook stove, or some other gear its a good idea to try
these out prior to your camping trip. There is nothing worse than trying to set up a new tent for
the first time when its starting to get dark. This is also true for trailers or tent trailers. Become
familiar with their set up prior to your trip, and get some experience backing them up, so that
you don't have a tough time when you get to the campground.

Set Up Camp Before Dark
Arrive at your campsite early enough the first day so that you have plenty of daylight to get
your tent and other equipment set up. This will get you off to a good start so that you can relax
and enjoy the outdoors. Be aware that it gets dark much earlier when you are deep in the forest.

Plan Your Meals Before the Trip
Plan your meals before you leave
on the trip. This way you'll know
what food to buy, and what you'll
need in order to prepare it. Try to
avoid getting stuck stopping at a
convenience store, far from the
city, where items are limited
and often very expensive.

Bring the Right Clothing
When packing your clothes make
sure that you have enough clothing
in case someone falls into the lake
and gets all wet or something else
unexpected happens. Be sure and bring a swim suit and towels if swimming is in your plans.
Make sure to have some sweat shirts, light coats, and rain gear in case it gets cold and wet.
Remember comfortable hiking shoes if you plan to go hiking.  Pack enough, but don't overdo
it. Remember you are probably space limited on what you can fit in your car, and to some
extent you are roughing it so you probably won't need near as much stuff as normal.

Beginner Camping Tips - Is Your Tent Big Enough?
There is nothing worse than having your family all packed in to your tent like a can of
sardines. Just because you are roughing it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little bit of comfort.
If you're tent is large enough and you even splurge for some air mattresses you can be
sleeping nice and comfortable. We have a 9' x 15' dome tent that fits our family of four very
comfortably. What I like best about having a bigger tent is that it gives you room to walk
around the beds, and still have space to stack clothes or luggage. Even though this is a pretty
large tent it folds down to a small size and hardly takes up any space, so unless you are
backpacking, I'd recommend going with a larger tent just to be on the safe side.

Make Your First Trip Close to Home
I would recommend going to a campsite pretty close to home (within 1-2 hours) for your first
trip. That way if anything too terribly wrong happens, then you can just drive home. Its always
good to get some recommendations on places to go from some of your friends that are
experienced campers. They'll probably know some good places to go for your first camping

Beginner Camping Tips on Flashlights
Make sure and take flashlights and check their batteries prior to the trip to make sure that they
are good and strong. Flashlights will be helpful if you are changing in a dark tent or if you have
to get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom. We don't want you stumbling
around through the woods in the dark do we? Lanterns are also very handy, especially if you
want to light up your campsite and play some games around the picnic table. These now
come with small screw-on propane tanks that are inexpensive and very easy to use.

Check on Fire Restrictions or Burn Bans
Check ahead of time and make sure that there are not any fire restrictions or burn bans at
your campground. If you are looking forward to a good old campfire (and what camper is not?)
than you could be greatly disappointed. However, if a campfire is a go, then make sure that
you bring some firewood, and some kindling or newspaper along to burn. Some parks have
firewood available for sale, but not all do, and most parks won't allow you to pick up twigs and
branches off the ground to burn.

Check Weather Conditions Prior to Your Trip
If severe weather is predicted for your camping area, and you can schedule your trip another
time, then do it. There is nothing worse than being confined to your tent or slopping around in
the mud for a few days.

Beginner Camping Tips on Park Rules
Remember to obey all park rules and be courteous to other campers. Sound carries much
further in the forest, so keep your voice down, especially at night. At the end of your stay,
leave your campsite clean and ready for the next camper.

Make Note of Your Favorite Campsites at the Campground
Once you've been to a campground that you like and scouted around some, make note of the
campsites that you like the best. This way you'll remember these for future trips, and if you
can reserve a particular site, you'll know which ones you're most interested in.

We love to camp, and we hope that your family will also find it fun. Hopefully, some of the
beginner camping tips that we have shared will make your trips more enjoyable. Have a safe
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