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Buy a Solar Powered Phone Charger

Be Prepared For Your Next Camping Trip...

Soladec Portable Solar Powered Phone Charger
Do you love to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors, but you
are tired of having your cell phone, GPS, or other electrical
gadgets run low on juice?

If so, never be caught without power again. The
Soladec is a
versatile all-in-one hybrid
solar powered charger that allows
you to charge many of your USB powered portable electronic
devices. Use it to charge your smartphone and MP3 player,
tablets, e-reader, GPS and camera, including
iPod, iPhone,
iPad, Kindle, Blackberry
, GalaxyS, Galaxy Tab and more.

It has built-in high flux LED lamps with a power level indicator for
indoor/outdoor use and can work as a SOS lamp blinker by
choosing the SOS function from its power button.
Designed to maximize functionality and meet the demands of the most tech-savvy outdoor enthusiast; it is perfect
for camping, fishing, boating, hiking and any emergency. Easy to use and lightweight to carry. It's intelligent
charging system automatically shuts off when a device is at full charge extending battery life.

If you are looking for a great solar powered charger for many of your electronic devices, then the Soladec solar
charger is a wonderful choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

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Soladec Portable Solar Powered Charger
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