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Copper Mountain Ski Trip...

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Colorado has many fine ski resorts and Copper Mountain is one of the larger ones. The week prior to
Christmas we went with a group on a ski trip to Copper Mountain. We have two teenage kids who had never
skied before and  we wanted them to at least experience it and see how they liked it. My daughter was really
interested in learning to snowboard and my son decided to learn how to ski.

Our group traveled up from Dallas and stayed in Raton, New Mexico the first night and then arrived in
Frisco, Colorado about noon on the next day. For our ski base camp, we decided to stay at the
Lake Dillon
in Frisco. It was reasonably priced, had comfortable rooms, and shuttle stops for many of the ski
resorts, including Copper Mountain, were right across from the hotel parking lot. Buses ran every 30 minutes
and arrived at the ski resort about 15-20 minutes later.
Frisco is a quaint, little town nestled in the mountains about 75
miles southwest of Denver right off of I-70. It sits at an elevation
of just over 9,000 feet and is close to at least four major ski
resorts, including
Copper Mountain. It has a number of lodging
options, along with plenty of restaurants and shopping. The
Walmart in town carries quite a bit of ski clothing and accessories,
which comes in handy if you discover that you forgot something
once you arrive. There are many different places to rent ski or
snowboard equipment, both in Frisco or up at the resort. We
rented equipment from
AB Ski and Sport in Frisco. They were
great to work with and allowed us to rent most everything we
needed, including ski bibs and jackets for our kids.

Copper Mountain Ski Resort is located about 6 miles or so west
on I-70 from Frisco. It is an easy drive by car, but parking can be
expensive. The shuttle buses are free and run regularly between
Frisco and Copper Mountain. We used these for most of our trip
and they were very convenient. The Copper Mountain Ski Resort
has a base elevation of a little over 9700 feet and the ski village is
divided into three different areas, From east to west there is the
East Village, the Village of Copper (Central Village) and Union Creek (West Village).

ski runs on Copper Mountain are arranged quite nicely, with the easier green trails on the west side
of the mountain near the ski school. As you traverse east across the mountain you will find the blue trails
and then the more difficult blacks. This arrangement is nice for both beginners and experienced skiers,
since the newer skiers and those just learning remain safely out of the path of the faster skiers and
snowboarders, plus the more advanced skiers don't have to worry so much about slow-moving skiers
crossing in front of them.

The Ski and Ride School is located in West Village. The younger kids get checked in at the bottom floor of
The Schoolhouse. My 19 year old son got checked in for his ski lessons on the bottom floor of the Union
Creek Lodge. All age groups of those skiing and snowboarding meet up near the ski and ride flags outside
the top level of the Union Creek Lodge. For small group lessons, they are then grouped according to their
Copper Mountain
Copper Mountain Ski Instructor
West Village - Ski Schoolhouse
Ski and Ride School meeting area
Lake Dillon Lodge - View to Southwest
Lake Dillon Lodge - View East
Village at Copper (Central Village)
The Cirque Resort in West Village
Riding the moving walkway to the top of practice slope
Union Creek Lodge view of ski school area
View from ski school looking east at Union Creek lift
Kokomo Lift and Lewis Ranch lodging
Shuttle stop at Union Creek Lodge
Ski School Practice Area
Shuttle stop at Central Village
New skier and snowboarder
Ski Trails near Ski and Ride School
Frisco town clock near visitor center
Frisco main street looking west from visitor center
Riding the Kokomo Ski Lift
Suited up and ready to ski
Frisco main street looking east from visitor center
level of experience and assigned instructors. Private lessons were also available here, and both the ski and
snowboard instructors were very good. The bottom level of Union Creek Lodge has lockers, rents ski and
snowboard equipment, and has registration for lessons. The upper level has large sitting areas with rows of
dining tables and a good view of the ski school area. A wide range of food service is also available here. It's a
great spot to hang out when watching your kids at ski school or to meet up with other skiers or snowboarders
who are taking a break and grabbing something to eat.

We all had a great time during our recent ski trip and we are already talking about taking another one. Above
are some photos that we took of Frisco and
Copper Mountain Ski Resort during our visit in December of
2011. Enjoy!
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