Hiking Near Lake Tahoe

Spooner Lake Loop Trail ...

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Lake Tahoe is incredible and offers truly spectacular scenery, which is nearly impossible to convey with just
pictures alone. It is located just a short drive west of
Carson City, Nevada on the border of Nevada and
California. In the Summer of 2011 we used Carson City for our base camp for exploring the surrounding area. If
you enjoy the outdoors and your family likes to hike, then there are many wonderful hiking opportunities in this
area and especially near Lake Tahoe.

From Carson City, head west on Highway 50 toward
Lake Tahoe and you will begin to wind your way up the
mountains, and after a short drive you will reach the Spooner Summit at an elevation of 7146 feet above sea
level. This area is covered with tall Ponderosa Pine trees and there is a small parking area where the Spooner
Summit Trailhead is clearly marked. From here you have access to a number of popular hiking trails, including
Spooner Lake Loop Trail, the Tahoe Rim Trail, and this trail also takes you to the Marlette Lake Trail.
All of these are just east of Lake Tahoe.
Spooner Summit
Beautiful forested landscape
Hiking Past the Trailhead
Trail has some
elevation changes
Flock of geese
Trail Sign for Spooner
Lake Trail
Spooner  Summit
Elevation 7146
Plants and flowers
along the way
Trail narrows in spots,
but much is wide like this
Spooner Lake near Lake Tahoe
During our trip we hiked the Spooner Lake Loop Trail, so the information that follows and the pictures shown
pertain specifically to it. This hiking trail is a great trail for the whole family. It has some ups and downs in
elevation, but for the most part is a pretty easy hike and is about 2 miles in distance for the entire loop. Much of
the trail is shaded as you hike under the canopy of big, majestic pine trees. When we visited in early July, there
were a number of places along the trail that were adorned with colorful wildflowers. About halfway around the trail
on the other side of the lake we were treated to a large flock of geese, which provided for many good photo
hiking trail
Spooner Lake Loop Trail
Spooner Lake
Spooner Lake
When you have hiked about 3/4 of the trip
there is a nice shady spot along the trail
that provides a very nice view of the entire
lake. Take a short breather here and take
in the view and enjoy some of God's
handy work.

For us, this was a nice hike where we
could get out and stretch our legs a bit
and enjoy the outdoors. There was great
scenery and we got some good exercise,
but we still had a lot of energy to continue
exploring and do other things.
This hiking trail provided us with a great warm up and just wet our appetite for some of the beautiful scenery that
was to come, as we continued on and visited
Lake Tahoe and experienced the spectacular scenery that it has to
offer. Hopefully, this has given you a short glimpse of what this area is like. There is much to see and do here for
the entire family. We hope that you have a wonderful time.
bear crossing sign
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