Hiking Trails

Trail Guides and Hiking Trail Maps ...

Thousands of hiking trails exist throughout the United States. These
range from trails along the beach, hiking trails in city or county parks
and greenways, to the many hikes and hiking trails found in state and
national parks.

Hiking trails range in length and difficulty. Some short, easy trails
may be less than a half mile in length on level ground, and other trails
may span many miles and include steep climbs in elevation.

Before you go
hiking do some research and find the best trails for
you and your family. This list of sites should be a helpful resource for
locating hiking trails that match your experience level and interests.

With any
outdoor activity there is always some risk involved, so be
sure that you are well prepared for your hiking trip and take
necessary precautions.

One of our
favorite activities as a family is hiking. We love the
challenge, time spent together, and the beautiful scenery. We hope
that this information helps you find some good trails for you and your
family. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!
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Good resources for finding detailed hiking trail information for all fifty states is listed here. Many of these
resources provide detailed trail guides and trail maps, and in some cases good trail reviews and pictures of

Alabama Hiking Trails - Trails are listed for each region: North Alabama, Central Alabama and
South Alabama.

Alaska Trails - Hiking trail information from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.
Information about Alaska Trails from the Department

Arizona Hiking - Great hiking spots in Arizona. Information from the Arizona State Parks site that provides
good information on each hiking trail. Good
Grand Canyon hiking information from the National Parks

Arkansas Hiking Trails - Trails are listed by difficulty level. This information from the Arkansas State Parks
Department provides detailed information about each trail.  
Hiking at Petit Jean State Park.

California Hiking Trails - California has many hiking trails to choose from. Trails we have hiked and
recommend are
Calaveras Big Trees State Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and the trails
Lake Tahoe including Spooner Lake Loop Trail. Several links are here to good information on
California hiking. Orange County  
Southern California Hiking Trails, Hikes in the San Gabriel
Mountains and the Angeles National Forest,  Northern California hiking trails in national forests, and
here is a good site on
California hiking safety.

Colorado Hiking Trails  - Colorado has many good hiking trails. Trails we have hiked and recommend are
Garden of the Gods and Mueller State Park to explore nature and  Vindicator Trail to explore old
mining relics and structures.  These links provide good information on Colorado hiking.
Historic  hiking
trails near Victor, Colorado in the old Cripple Creek mining district; Colorado wilderness area trails;  
Hiking with children near Boulder, Colorado.

Connecticut Hiking Trails - Lists state parks with hiking trails. Provides hiking maps for each park in PDF
file format.

Delaware Hiking Trails - Lists hiking trail information, along with horse trails.

Florida Hiking  - Lists greenways and hiking trails for all regions in Florida. Select the region of Florida that
you are interested in to find out information about hiking trails for that region.

Georgia Hiking Trails. This list shows Georgia state parks that have hiking trails. Almost every park and
historic site has hiking trails. The more challenging backcountry trails are found at Amicalola Falls, Black
Rock Mountain, Cloudland Canyon, F.D. Roosevelt, Fort Mountain, Providence Canyon, Unicoi and Vogel.
Primitive camping is allowed along some backcountry trails (permits required). Shorter nature trails with
paved paths are also available.

Hawaii Hiking - Information about parks and hiking safety.

Idaho Hiking Information - Good information on hiking spots in Idaho.

Illinois Hiking Trails - Information from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Trails are broken
down by five different regions in the state.

Indiana Trails Inventory - Hiking trails for the entire state of Indiana. Information comes directly from the
agencies and organizations that maintain and manage the trails. Pick trails from an interactive trail map.

Iowa Hiking Trails - Information on hiking and biking trails in Iowa.

Kansas Hiking Trails - Hiking Information from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

Kentucky Hiking

Louisiana Hiking  - Information from the Louisiana Hiking Club.

Maine Hiking Trails  - Information from the Maine Office of Tourism.

Maryland Trails - Maryland State Forest and Park Trail Guides

Massachusetts Hiking Trail information - Trails are broken down into five different regions in the state.

Michigan Hiking - Statewide hiking information

Minnesota Trails - State trails list and maps for the entire state.

Mississippi Hiking Trails - Detailed information and difficulty ratings for trails.

Missouri Hiking and Trail information -  Detailed information provided by the Missouri Department of
Natural Resources.

Montana Hiking - Montana State Parks with Hiking Activities. Hiking and Backpacking in Montana.

Nebraska Trails Guide - Select from six different regions in the state to get detailed hiking trail information.
Provided by the Nebraska Games and Parks Commission.

Nevada Hiking Trails - Information on hiking trails in Nevada from the Nevada Division of State Parks.
Over 300
hiking trails near Las Vegas and other helpful hiking information. Here is a site that lists
hiking trails in Northern Nevada. Here is some information on the Spooner Lake Loop Trail near Lake

New Hampshire Hiking Trails - Detailed trail information and safety tips from the New Hampshire Trails

New Jersey Hiking Trails - Lists hiking trails in many of the state parks.

New Mexico Hiking - Some very good information about hiking trails in New Mexico. Pictures, along with
good descriptions and details on many hiking trails in New Mexico.

New York Hiking Trails - Provides some good detailed information about hiking trails in New York State.

North Carolina Hiking - Trail reviews for many hiking trails in North Carolina.

North Dakota Trails - Hiking Trails in North Dakota's State Parks

Ohio Hiking Trails - Some good information on what you need to know when hiking in Ohio. See a
complete list of hiking trails provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Oklahoma Hiking - Oklahoma Trail Reviews. Hiking trails at Robbers Cave State Park. Hiking Elk
Mountain Trail and the Tower Trail in the
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  Walk around the Holy
City of the Wichitas.

Oregon Hiking Trails - Use the Oregon state parks site to search for hiking trails all over the state of
Oregon. Pick the region that you are interested in and click the hiking trail checkbox for a list of parks with

Pennsylvania Hiking Trails - Information and resources for hiking in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island Hiking Trails

South Carolina Hiking - Detailed information about all hiking trails in South Carolina.

South Dakota Trails - Hiking trail information for all over the state of South Dakota, provided by the
Department of Tourism. These hiking trails are listed by region. Also, here are
trail maps for hiking trails in
South Dakota state parks.

Tennessee Hiking Trails - Includes links to state parks with almost 1000 miles of hiking trails.

Texas Hiking - Provides detailed information on many popular places to hike in Texas, depending on your
interests and the type of terrain that you like. There are
several parks around Dallas that have nice
hiking trails.  One of the most popular places to hike in Texas is at
Big Bend National Park.

Utah Hiking Trails - This site provides detailed information on hiking trails all over the state of Utah. Trails
are broken up into five major regions:  Wasatch Front, Northern Mountains, Dinosaurland, Great Basin, and
Red Rock. Trails we have hiked and recommend are
Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.

Vermont Hiking - Recommended hiking trails from the Vermont Office of Tourism. Here is also a link for
Virginia hiking and biking trails.

Washington Hiking Trails - Good information on over 160 trails in Washington State from the Washington
Trails Association. Here is some information about the
hike to the Dungeness Spit Lighthouse  and the
Railroad Bridge trails which is part of the Olympic Discovery Trail that connects to Port Angeles.

West Virginia Hiking - Trail maps for state parks in West Virginia. Here is a link to some recommended
hiking trails.

Wisconsin Trails - Hiking trails throughout the state. Detailed hiking trail information from the Department
of Natural Resources.

Wyoming Trails - Trail reviews for some of the hiking trails in Wyoming.

Hiking Trails all Across America

Other Hiking Resources

Hiking the Appalachian Trail - The Appalachian National Scenic Trail covers 2,175 miles, stretching
across 14 eastern states from Maine to Georgia.

Continental Divide National Scenic Trail - 3,100 miles running from Canada to Mexico through the states
of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

LocalHikes.com - Search for nearby hiking trails by zip code.

National Trails System - A network of scenic, historic, and recreation trails created by the National Trails
System Act of 1968

Recreation Areas with Hiking - Many of the same recreation areas that are used for camping and fishing,
also have great hiking trails. These range in difficulty from nice, easy, short strolls to long,  and strenuous
hikes. Search this site for spots that have hiking trails.
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