The Holy City of Wichita

Experience Jerusalem in Oklahoma ...

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The Holy City of the Wichitas is located near Lawton,
Oklahoma and the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.  This
replica of Jerusalem, during Biblical times, was constructed in
the mid 1930s.  The 66 acre park allows you to experience the
time of Jesus’ death and resurrection.   You can visit the park all
365 days of the year, 8 am to sunset.  

In the spring, the nation’s longest running Easter Passion play,
“The Prince of Peace”, can be experienced for free at dusk on
the Saturdays of Palm Sunday and Easter weekend.  Visitors
come from all over to watch this Easter Pageant.  You are
encouraged to came early in the afternoon and claim your spot
on Audience Hill.  Some bring blankets, others lawn chairs.   A
caterer will be on site this year, 2017, where you can purchase
a BBQ dinner while you wait for the pageant to begin and concession stands for beverage and snacks.  You are
welcome to bring your own ice chest with drinks and snacks.  This is truly an event the whole family will enjoy.  

We visited in March of 2012 and was able to freely roam around the structures and go in a few of them.  The terrain of
the Wichita Mountains adds to the experience and you feel like you have stepped across the Atlantic Ocean and
landed in Israel. There are brochures that aid you in your adventure and explains the significants to each building and
structure.  We are looking forward to attending the Passion Play on our next trip to the
Wichita Mountains Refuge Area.
"The Place of a Skull", known as 'Golgotha' in Hebrew.
The Temple, Archway and Herod's Court
The Upper Room
The Chapel
The Tomb
Place of prayer, Garden of Gethsemane
Jacob's Well
Inside the Chapel
Walking Path in Park
This area of Oklahoma has plenty to offer you
and your family whether it is a day trip, weekend
getaway or week long vacation.  

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge has several
easy to moderate hiking trails that will give your
kids the opportunity to stretch their legs. Also, the
Refuge is known for their free roaming buffalo,
longhorns, elk  and prairie dogs.  

Instead of camping we choose to rent a
Since we vacationed in March, we wanted to be
protected against the elements and enjoy a soft
bed. We found a cabin that was cozy but large
enough for us to sprawl out.  There even was a
hammock to get some good snooze time outside.  

We ate well.  
Meers, Oklahoma was just a short
drive from our cabin and is known for the "Best
Burger in Oklahoma". We all agreed and in our
opinion had the best pies too.

Enjoy your family vacation to SW Oklahoma!
For more Oklahoma family vacation ideas check out these locations.
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Hugo State Park which has well kept resort and group cabins overlooking a Hugo Lake, pontoon and bike rentals.
Robbers Cave State Park with extensive hiking trails and camping facilities for tent and motorhomes.  
Lake Murray has trails and several recreational activities to keep the family happy this vacation. Rent a cabin or
camp in the park.  

Have fun making memories with your children on your next family vacation!