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Jamestown, California ...

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Gold Panning
Adventures -
Downtown Jamestown
Today, you can still see clear signs of the rich history of Jamestown, in the architecture of many of the
structures along Main Street. Like many California "Gold Rush" towns it experienced several booms and
busts over the years. Many towns in the area disappeared once the easy gold was found, but over the years
Jamestown hung in there and continued to survive.

The first gold found here was in 1848, shortly after the famous gold discovery at Sutter's Mill. Benjamin
Wood discovered the first gold in this area in what is now known as Woods Creek. The actual discovery site
is located about a mile west of what is today's downtown area. In fact, Woods Creek is still a popular area to
pan for gold and you can still find some flakes in your pan from time to time.

Jamestown is a nice little town in California's Mother Lode country, located just north of Railtown 1897
State Park, along historic Highway 49. This is a good area to take your family on a gold panning adventure.
Gold Panning Adventures, LLC is located in downtown Jamestown, and they offer a wide variety of gold
prospecting adventures, nearby, at their claim on Woods Creek.

Below are some pictures  that we took when visiting in the Summer of 2008. Enjoy!
Claim at Woods Creek
Operating Sluice Box
Gold Panning
Working the Mining
Claim - Digging
Material for Sluice Box
Shaded Picnic Area
at Mining Claim
gold ore car
Jamestown gold panning
Jamestown CA
Woods Creek CA
mining claim
digging for gold
Claim at Woods Creek
Claim - Digging
Material for Sluice Box
sluice box
Favorite Family Vacations
If you have never tried your hand at gold panning, you owe it to yourself to at least experience it one time. When
I first mentioned this to my wife and kids they thought I was kind of crazy, but it is amazing how everyone got
into it and really had fun. The gentlemen from Gold Panning Adventures was very helpful and although we didn't
find much gold on our first outing we still came home with a few flakes, and it is always a great thrill when you
see some gold in your pan. Happy prospecting!
Mark Twain trail
Mark Twain cabin
Keep your eyes open for the unexpected
and give yourself extra time to explore
things "not on the schedule". On the way to
Jamestown we passed by these historical
markers about Mark Twain, an American
author and humorist.  He wrote many books
and stories including The Adventures of
Tom Sawyer and The Prince and the