Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tour

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Mine Headframe
The Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine is located just outside of Cripple Creek, Colorado on state highway 67 a little
northeast of town. Actually, the short drive up to the
gold mine provides you with some very beautiful scenery
and a great view overlooking historic Cripple Creek.

If you are interested in mining and would like to see what life was like in an "old west hard rock mine" back in
the late 1800's then this is a wonderful tour. Visitors put on hard hats and coats(optional), as it is about 50
degrees F down in the mine. Your journey, with a knowledgeable guide, takes you 1000 feet below the surface
on a man lift that travels about 500 feet per minute.
Hoist House
Mine Tour Departure
1000 Ft. Underground
Crosscut Tunnel to Gold King Mine
Mine Tunnel
Rocker Shovel Mucking Machine
Ore Car
Ore Shute
Mine Stope
Mine Bike & Tools
Mine Drift
Ore Bucket and Ore Car
Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine
Original Ore Sorting House
Gold Mine
Man LIft - Descending into the Mine
Mine Tunnel
Photos Taken in Treasure Room
Mine Bell Signals
Favorite Family Vacations
Near the end of the tour you enter the treasure room and everyone is given a free gold ore specimen. There
are displays here that talk about the Mollie Kathleen gold mine and other major mines that operated in the
area. The Mollie Kathleen was discovered in 1891, and some of its tunnels connect in with some of the other
mines in the area and were used to get some of their ore out. All and all the mine has over 4 miles of tunnels.
This is a great tour that lasts about 1 hour underground. Our tour guide had a great deal of mining experience
and was very knowledgeable, explaining various mining terminology like shafts, drifts, crosscuts, stopes, etc...,
and discussed some of the history of the
Mollie Kathleen mine, along with other major gold mines in the
area. Our guide showed us some of the early mining techniques used, and demonstrated air drills and rocker
shovel mucking machines and other equipment that was used as mining in the area evolved. We even got to
take a short ride underground in an air powered man trip train.
Above ground you can see the original shaft that was dug, along with an old wooden ore sorting building, and
lots of other historic mining equipment.

These pictures of the Mollie Kathleen Mine were taken during our family vacation mine tour in June of 2010.