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What to Consider When Looking to Rent a RV
by Michael Saville

There are many things you should consider when renting a RV. This will guide you through
the decision making process.

When renting a RV from a provider, you are looking for reliability, affordability and
dependability to begin with. But there are many other issues you will need to consider
before making the final decision on which rental service will meet your needs entirely.

To start with, you will have to know exactly how long you are going to want the motor home;
this begins with planning where exactly you would like to go. You will need to know this so
you can work out the distance you plan to travel, how many miles you estimate you will do
each day and therefore how long it will take you to get to your destination and back. Once
you have worked out the minimum amount of time that you would require a RV, you should
then add on a few extra days. This is not only in case of emergencies (for example, if you
break down or extra unplanned-for traffic slows you down and permits you from doing your
estimated number of miles that day) but also because you may decide to stay in one certain
place longer than you intended or you may just want to relax and have no specific schedule
that day. If you add these extra days then you don't have to panic about getting the RV back
in time; this will also give you some time to fully appreciate and explore your destinations.

When deciding on which RV rental company to go with, you will first need to consider which
sort of rentable motor home you would need and then decide on a provider, who can give
you the best deal on this kind. Most people go with a Class C RV but there are many other
varieties available; for example, Class B motor homes, which tend to be smaller, or a larger
version (Class A) may be what you call for. After you have picked the style of RV you want,
then you should go to each rental company and compare prices, quality and features. Then
you should build a short list of the best companies and judge them on the other issues that
are mentioned below.

There are many other factors that you should really consider besides the price and quality.
For example, you may need to tow a car for a day trip, or bring along a pet that you can't
leave behind; many companies will not be able to fulfil these requirements. You will also
need to know how expensive the fuel will be and how many miles you get per gallon. It
would also to wise to check if you have to buy insurance or if that's covered in the price.
While on the subject of insurance, if the company provides that for you, you should also
identify what exactly is covered in the insurance and how much the deductible is. You must
also be aware of what the deposit for the RV is and what the deposit return policy is if for
some reason you can't go ahead with your trip. If your trip will be during the summer, it
would be a good idea to find out about air conditioning, and similarly find out about the
heating if you plan to go during the winter. You will probably also require a generator for
electronic devices, such as a television, stereo or DVD player, you should ask about the
availability of these as well. You should also check exactly what is included in the price,
for example, you may have to rent the generator and electrical products separately.

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