Railroad Bridge Park

The Railroad Bridge Park is a fun family outing  
while visiting Sequim, Washington on the Olympic
Peninsula. It is located at the site of a historic
railroad trestle that crosses the Dungeness River.
The old trestle now serves as a planked bridge
section of the Olympic Discovery Trail, which
connects Sequim all the way over to
Port Angeles.

The park is clean and very well maintained, with
paved parking and walkways in the middle of the
park and up to the bridge. We visited mainly to
see the bridge and to hike down to the river, but
the park has a picnic shelter, benches, a small
amphitheater, restrooms and a very nice
Audubon Center.

We traveled from out of state to visit, but after
spending just a few hours in the park, enjoying
this pristine river environment, I envied the locals
who could stop by and visit anytime.
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If you are ever in the Sequim area be sure and plan to spend some time at Railroad Bridge Park. It is a
beautiful area and makes for a fun family outing. Hopefully, this short glimpse at what's there gives you some
ideas and you'll get the opportunity to visit like we did recently. Have fun and stay safe!
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After we finished exploring the river we made our
way up to the
River Audubon Center, and I'm glad
that we did. They've got a great deal of information
about the area and many different types of birds and
animals are on display. The staff was particularly
helpful and had a wealth of information to share
about the various birds, fish and wildlife in the area
and were quick to answer any questions that our
group had.

After checking out the many interesting displays
there is a nice little gift shop where you can pick up
a souvenir or  purchase an ice cream treat to reward
yourself for exploring the river and hiking the trails.
Railroad Bridge Park
Chinook Salmon
River Trail
From the Railroad Bridge there is a paved trail to the picnic shelter and from there you will find a dirt trail that
leads down to the Dungeness River. Note that the park lies in an active floodplain, so the trails, side channels
easy hike. When we visited in August, 2015, the trail wound its way through a wooded area and crossed
several dry side channels loaded with large river rock. The pictures below show our group hiking down the trail
to the river and one of the dry side channels along the way.
Dry river side channel
Dungeness River
Dungeness River
After a short hike we arrive at the Dungeness River. This is such a beautiful area with all of the large river
rock, crystal clear water and flowering plants in many places along the riverbank. During our August visit we
took a few minutes to cool off by getting our feet wet in a shallow section of the river. This is a great area to
explore along the riverbank or have a rock skipping contest or just sit down and relax on a sandy spot along
the river and listen to the birds chirp and water rustle over the rocks as it flows downstream.
We would have made a whole day of it had we packed a lunch and decided to check out some of the other
trails. T
here is a nice amphitheater in this park where occasionally they have performances of local artists.