Ski Vacation Planning

Planning the Perfect Family Ski Vacation
By Lee Keyes

Skiing is often thought of by non-skiers as a sport exclusively for the extremely fit or athletic person. While it's true
that many who ski are fit (after all, it is great exercise), what you may not know is that a family ski vacation
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Does the facility have ski lessons?
What types of slopes are available for beginners?
Are snowboarders allowed?
Are babysitting services available?
Can you rent equipment?
What additional attractions are there for those who don't want to ski?

If someone in your family is going to need ski lessons, then the most important thing is to look for a resort
that offers a ski school. Some resorts actually don’t have ski schools, although most of them do.

Second, observe whether the resort has something to offer everyone in your family. Inquire about the trails,
lifts and slopes. An advanced skier would soon become bored if the resort caters to only beginners. Then
again, a snowboarder in your group would be sad if the resort lacked a snowboarding park or terrain. If you
have small children, be sure to call ahead and ask whether or not the resort has child care facilities.

Now take a look at the lodging. Sleeping comfortably at night matters. Though many times you will find
hotels right at the base of the slopes, those may not be the most affordable options. If you're on a budget,
research the lodging options of the region you are looking at and choose a hotel that more aptly fits your
budget. Many times there will be a hotel just a few miles away, with shuttle service available, that is far less

Additionally, activities like sleigh rides, snowmobiling, dog sledding, horseback riding and snowshoeing are
also things you would want to consider when thinking of a location that will appeal to the entire family. Some
resorts don’t offer such activities, so be sure to ask about the winter activity schedule
as well as planned events during your stay at the resort.

If you do a little advance research, you can be assured of making your trip a memorable and fun experience
for every member of your family.

Lee Keyes is an avid skier and has enjoyed many years on the slopes with his entire family.

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has much to offer every member
of the family, from young to old
and in many cases, for skiers
and non-skiers alike!

There are many resorts that offer
numerous packages and to cater to
families. Now, how to go about finding
these resorts?

Most ski resorts have their own websites.
Begin the planning process by searching
for ski resort websites on your favorite
search engine. Entering "Family Ski
Destinations" is a good place to start.

There are many considerations when
choosing a family oriented resort:
Favorite Family Vacations
ski slope