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Why Buy RV Rental Insurance?
By Elizabeth Morgan
Published: September 8, 2005

Many people choose to rent recreational vehicles (RVs) to use while on vacation.  Some of
the time, these rental RVs can be covered through the driver’s auto insurance policy.  The
way to do this is to first obtain an Insurance Binder/Endorsement from the auto insurance
provider.  Next, the RV rental agency must be added to the auto insurance policy as an
“additionally insured” and a “loss payee.”  There are many limits and complications to this
option.  Many drivers find that this coverage is not adequate and choose to purchase
additional coverage through the rental agency.  This is often a better option because it is
less complicated and provides more comprehensive coverage.  RV rental insurance is
usually very reasonably priced and is most often secured through MBA Insurance.

It is a good idea for RV renters to purchase additional RV rental insurance.  This covers the
renter if there are damages to the RV, or if the RV damages other vehicles or property.  
The fact that most RV renters do not regularly drive RVs makes rental insurance a
particularly good idea.  RV rental insurance can usually be purchased from the RV rental
agency for a reasonable daily fee.  The fee varies depending on the rental agency and the
particular model of RV.  Insurance for smaller RVs starts around $15 per day, with medium
sized RVs often costing $20 a day, and the largest models costing $25 daily.  It is usually
a good idea for renters to purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance.  This insurance
usually costs about $10 a day and provides the renter with liability protection up to one
million dollars.

Most RV rental agencies provide insurance through MBA Insurance.  MBA is the top name
in RV rental insurance and has provided its services since 1978.  MBA protects both renters
and the rental agencies.  Their policies save the rental agencies money by insuring the
renters and keeping costs low for the rental agency.  MBA Insurance provides the renter
with full coverage, including liability up to a million dollars, collision, uninsured motorist,
and comprehensive.  Most RV renters choose to purchase this insurance through the RV
rental agency, but it can also be obtained through the renter’s auto insurance company in
many cases.

RV rental insurance covers the renter for most road-related damages and liability.  Most
RV rental insurance doesn’t cover the interior of the recreational vehicle.  Renters must be
especially careful with the appliances and furniture in the RV, as those items are not usually
covered by insurance. RV Insurance Info provides detailed information about RV insurance
quotes, policies, and companies, RV rental insurance, and more.   RV Insurance Info is the
sister site of RV Rentals Web.

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