RV Vacations With Kids

Tips For Taking An RV Vacation With Kids
By Fran Crawford

RV camping with kids can be fun for you and a great
experience for the youngsters and it's good for kids
to get out of the city once in a while. Get them out and
away from the television and video games. Let them
see a jackrabbit or a snake or any number of wondrous
things. Tell them about the different kinds of trees and
plants that are found around the campground.

I had a great biology teacher in high school who took us on nature hikes and told us about the
plants and animals that lived in the woods around us. I still remember a lot of what we learned.
You can be a biology teacher to your kids or you can learn together.

This is a true story: On one of RVing trips we were waiting in line at a buffet type club dinner.
The line was moving very slowly and the teenager behind me complained to her mother that
she was hungry and wanted to know what was taking so long. In jest, I quipped that they had
probably run out of hamburgers and had to go butcher another cow. The girl’s jaw dropped.
She looked at her mother and asked, "Is that true? Hamburgers come from cows?" Her
mother said it was true... where did she think hamburger came from?

Tips for Taking RV Trips with Kids

Moving about in the motor home when it is moving is not advisable. Kids must realize that
they cannot play active games... tag, hide and seek, etc.... in a rolling home.

Audio tapes and CDs to keep their ears and minds occupied are options. If you're traveling
with teens remind them to fill their iPods with some good listening.

Pick up some cheap items from a dollar store to use for "special awards". These places
often have magnetic checker/chess sets and other games that are great for in car
entertainment. Hold back some of the "treasures" you got for use in emergencies. Children
can be very helpful in setting up and striking camp. Children should be assigned chores that
will be their responsibility. Allow extra time for each day. Kids need frequent stops. And get
off the road early in the afternoon so the kids can have the evening to play. An RV Resort or
campground with a swimming pool and playground area is something the children can look
forward to. Keeping children entertained, amused, busy along the way is worth any time that
you may spend preplanning activities. Keep it FUN!

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