New York Ski Resorts

Whiteface Mountain, Holiday Valley, Belleayre...

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New York has many  fine ski resorts. In fact, at last count there were around 50 different ski resorts in
New York
state, more than any other state in America. Many of these resorts are just a short drive from New
York City or neighboring states.  Another benefit for New Yorkers is that these ski resorts are not just
concentrated in one little part of the state, but virtually scattered across the entire state. So, regardless of
where in the state you may be coming from, there is bound to be a nice ski resort pretty close to home. Many
of these are four season resorts, so in addition to enjoying them during the ski season you can come back
and visit in the warmer months, and enjoy many of the other recreation opportunities that they provide.

A common trend that we've seen across many of the ski resorts in New York is that they have invested heavily
in snow guns and the latest grooming machines, so that they can freshen up the trails at night or when
needed to provide a much better skiing environment. Also, fast new lifts at many ski resorts greatly reduce
any waits and allow skiers more time on the slopes.

If you are just looking for a list of  New York ski resorts then
click here to a link that provides much of this
information at a glance. The information that follows will provide some details on some of the more popular ski
resorts in New York.

Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort - Upstate Adirondacks
Consistently ranked one of the top ten best East Coast ski resorts, Whiteface was the site of the 1980 and
1932 Winter Olympics. Located in Northeastern New York at Route 86 in Wilmington, Whiteface Ski Resort is
often referred to as The Olympic Mountain. The summit is 4,867 feet and the mountain is broken up as
follows, with Little Whiteface Peak on the left with an elevation of 3,676 feet, Whiteface peak in the center with
the Top Station at an Elevation of 4,386 feet and The Slides at 4,650 feet which is it's highest skiable terrain.
A recent addition are the trails on the right-side of the mountain, which is Lookout Mountain at an elevation of
4,000 feet. With a base elevation of 1,220 feet, Whiteface has a 3,430 foot vertical drop, which is the largest
of any ski resort east of the Rockies. There are 86 trails and the terrain mix is approximately 20% beginner
trails, 43% intermediate, and 37% advanced/expert runs. Average snowfall for the last ten years has been
over 200 inches per year. In addition to the great skiing and snowboarding, you can also enjoy snow tubing or
ice skating, or off the slopes immerse yourself in the area's rich Olympic history. Enjoy the charm of the village
of Lake Placid, its Olympic venues and many of the quaint shops and restaurants that dot Main Street.

Holiday Valley - Western New York
Located about 50 miles south of Buffalo, in the charming town of Ellicottville, Holiday Valley Ski Resort is
a popular destination for many skiers and snowboarders, and has a reputation for some of the friendliest staff
in the industry. It's Western New York location is great for anyone in the Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse
areas, along with residents of Western Pennsylvania and Ohio. Holiday Valley has a base elevation of 1,500
feet with a summit of 2,250 feet and a vertical drop of 750 feet. There are 58 trails, 37 of which are night trails
and the terrain mix is approximately 34% beginner runs, 25% intermediate and 37% advanced/expert runs.
They have a total of 13 ski lifts, of which 11 are quads and three of these are high speed quads, for an
impressive uphill skier capacity of 23,850 people per hour. They have consistently worked hard on improving
their equipment and facilities and receive good marks for the value and family programs they provide.

Belleayre - Catskill Mountains
Belleayre Mountain is located off of State Route 28 in Highmount,  just hours from New York City. The ski
resort is located in an unblemished Catskill Forest Preserve, where skiers and snowboarders can descend on
trails making their way through the pristine forest. The resort has four different ski lodges and offers 47 trails,
5 glades, 1 terrain park, and 2 progression parks. The terrain mix is approximately 22% beginner runs, 58%
intermediate, and 20% advanced/expert runs, and cross country skiing is also available. They generally
receive good marks for wide trails and good terrain, especially for beginner and intermediate skiers and
generally provide overall good value. If you are looking for a good ski resort that is close to New York City,
then you definitely may want to consider Belleayre.

Whether it’s a short weekend trip to the mountains to ski or snowboard, or an extended ski vacation, your
family is bound to have a great time. There is nothing like enjoying some good time with family and friends in
the mountains. Get away from your fast paced schedule for a while and hit the slopes.  After a day on the
mountain there is nothing like enjoying a good meal and relaxing around a roaring fire to share stories about
the day and talk about both the good runs and the wipe-outs.

Hopefully this information about  these
ski resorts in New York is helpful and gives you a better
appreciation for the ski resorts in the state. Especially for those of you who reside in New York, definitely
consider one of these resorts when planning your next ski vacation.  Have fun and stay safe!
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