Ski Resorts in Michigan

Nub's Nob Ski Vacations - Is this Michigan's Best?
By Mike Singh

Nub's Nob in Michigan is best known for its family-friendly ski mountain with the best snow available in the
Midwest United States. For many generations, this is where children and adults have learned their very first
attempts at skiing.  With these combinations, it is no wonder so many people consider Nub's Nob the top
place to go for good clean fun. With the varied terrain, not only beginners but intermediate and expert
skiers find challenges waiting for them, with night skiing available for those who are interested.
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your ski's tuned or repaired. You won't go hungry either! Nub's Nob Cafeteria is open for breakfast and lunch,
and if you brought your own lunch, you can eat in the 'brown bag' room. Nub's Winter Garden serves grilled
burgers when the weather allows. Pintail Peak Warming Hut is located at the top of the Black Lift. Here, you
can enjoy amazing views, while enjoying homemade soups and sandwiches to warm the insides.

If you are planning a family ski vacation, choosing Nub's Nob Ski Resort is the place to go, especially if you
want to have a great time - or if you are already an expert skier interested in racing and skill events. There is
plenty to do and see. In fact, you may find that you have a problem deciding which activity to participate in
first! Don't worry about missing anything, though - if you want to ski now and board later, you can do that.
Most events are planned for the weekends, so arrange your schedule so that you are able to attend or
participate in the planned events. Either way, plan on spending an extra day or two - you won't want to leave!

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Nub's Nob has a simple mountain layout, with
an elevation of 1,338 feet and a vertical drop
of 427 feet. Eight chair lifts service 43 trails,
while one of the best skiing and snowboarding
schools is available for both private and group
lessons. Programs for advanced skiers who
are interested in racing is offered, along with
many racing events. If a person is interested in
racing leagues with league events being held
each season, sign-ups are available at the
resort. Individuals who are new to the sport are
able to take skiing lessons free. A person
cannot beat a deal like that!

Equipment rental is always available, plus a
General Store inside the lodge with the
availability of gloves, hats, and neck
warmerstems, with other needed items. You
should also visit the technology center to have
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