Stretch Your Family Vacation Budget

Travel Tips for Road Trips ...

Also, if you have some drinks and snacks
already packed, they are readily available. This
keeps the hunger pains to a minimum, and helps
the kids better occupy their time, as you head to
the next destination on your family vacation. This
can be a real life saver, especially if you have
some distance to cover before your next
planned stop.

The system of national parks, monuments, and
landmarks around the United States gives your
family many opportunities to visit fun and
interesting places without spending a lot of
money. Some of your most memorable trips will
be to places like the Grand Canyon,
Yellowstone, Carlsbad Caverns, or Mount
Rushmore, and most of the expense will just be
in getting there.
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saving money
You've been waiting for months, and saving up your hard
earned money, and now its time to hit the road and take your
family vacation. Here are some tips that can help you stretch
your vacation budget when taking a family road trip vacation.

Before leaving on your trip be sure and stock up on bottled
water, soft drinks, juice, sandwich fixings, chips, cookies, fruit,
crackers, and other snacks that your family likes. To get the
best prices on these items make a run to a discounter like
Walmart, Sams, or Costco. However, even the prices on these
items at your regular grocery stores will be far less expensive
than what you will encounter once on the road.

Take a cooler along to keep your drinks cold, and any other
snack items that may need to be refrigerated. By having drinks
and snacks along you will be able to stretch your budget further.
Otherwise, you'll be spending $20 on water, cokes and chips
every time that you stop to fuel up. If you are on the road for a
week or more those little extras will begin to add up, and before
you know if you will have spent an extra $200-$300 and not
know where it went.
Most of all be safe and have fun, and enjoy your time together as a family. Plan a little a head of time, and follow some
of these tips, and you can have a great family vacation without spending much money. Have a great trip!