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Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours is based in Eldorado Canyon, about 45 minutes southeast of Las Vegas, just east of
the small ghost town of Nelson, Nevada. From Las Vegas take Hwy 95 south, then exit on Hwy 165 and head east
past Nelson. It is easy to find and well worth the trip.

During our trip we met Tony and Bobbie Werly who are the owners. They were friendly and helpful, and our tour
guide Billy was great. The area includes a nicely restored mining camp, with a company store and many other cabins
and buildings that have been restored, along with tons of old mining artifacts like ore cars, ore buckets, ore wagons,
mining tools and equipment, and much more. The picture above is the view across the road from the company store.
Located high on the hill you can see the 900 foot deep vertical shaft of the Techatticup Mine, along with the
headframe and remains of the stamp mill, ore chute and processing mill.

We arrived after the time that the mine tours normally end, but they still accommodated us and gave us a fantastic
tour. The company store is a great place to relax before or after your tour. It is packed with tons of old historic
pictures, mine diagrams, and other artifacts. Our tour started in the store with about a 10-15 minute introduction
where our guide filled us in on the background of the area and some of the history of the Techatticup Mine, which is
one of the oldest, richest, and most famous mines in Southern Nevada.
Entering Mine
Gold Panning
Mining Equipment
Following guide
in mine tunnel
View looking out
from mine tunnel
Vertical shaft of the Techatticup Mine high on the hill
mining ore car
ore bucket - 1 ton
ore wagon
The pictures above and to the right show you some of
the buildings that make up the mining camp.

Its a short, about 200 yard hike from the company store
to the mine entrance for the underground tour. This hike
takes you past the millsite where the gold and silver was
extracted from the ore. Our guide did a nice job of
explaining the process that was used and told us about
the different equipment that we saw along the way.

Below are some pictures of the Techatticup Millsite and
some of the mining equipment and views along the way.
Techatticup Mine - Company Store
miners cabin
View from the store down Eldorado Canyon
The underground mine tour begins through a restored
horizontal mine entrance. It goes by several names
(Savage Mine, the Long Tunnel, or the Powder Tunnel).
During a hot, 100 degree F July day the mine temperature
was a comfortable below 70 degree F temperature with a
nice breeze flowing through when we took our tour.

The underground portion of the mine tour takes you about
500 feet into the mine, and allows you to go down several
intersecting tunnels and view up and down stopes where
they mined out the rich gold and silver ore.

The mine tunnels are in great shape and easy to walk
through. Steel walkways have been constructed in many
areas to allow you to walk over areas where the ore has
been mined out and view up and down the stopes. In a
number of places the quartz vein that the miners were
chasing is very evident in the tunnels.
Techatticup Millsite Area
Savage Mine Entrance
Techatticup Mine tunnels
Eldorado Canyon has also been the location for several movies and our guide showed us some old movie props,
airplanes and other spots on the site where movie footage was shot and stunts performed. Like with any remote,
desert location, encounters with snakes, cactus, wildlife, heat and or other safety hazards may exist . Be sure and
stick close to your guide and follow their instructions.

Our whole family thoroughly enjoyed visiting Eldorado Canyon and taking the mine tour. It was very fun and
informative. Because the owners and guides make you feel right at home,  I noticed that others who had taken tours
seemed to hang around and just soak up the atmosphere. No one was in a hurry to leave and many of the visitors
could be found later, relaxing in a rocking chair on the porch or inside the store looking at all of the old pictures and
artifacts displayed here.

   Below are some pictures of Eldorado Canyon and the Techatticup Mine that we took when
   visiting in the Summer of 2011. Enjoy!
Miner Check-in Board
Powder Tunnel
Steel walkway
over stope
Quartz Vein
Cross tunnel
Looking up at
stope where ore
was mined out
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