Traveling With Kids on Road Trips

We love to visit and interact with are kids as much as possible along the way. We make up songs together, play "I
Spy" and other games. However, at times mom and dad want to visit and the kids want to relax, so we take along
some things to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Older kids are better at reading or keeping themselves occupied, however some good music CDs are sure to be
appreciated. Most of the things that we will mention here are geared toward the younger kids, but older kids will
enjoy some of these things too. Be sure and take along some small toys, games, coloring books, reading books,
story and music CDs, and a football or frisbee to toss around when you stop to stretch your legs.

Be sure to have a portable CD player with headphones to take along. Kids will enjoy listening to stories or music
and have a ball doing it. is a great place for getting children's story CDs. Each of their
story CDs contains six short stories and some great music. They have Bible Stories, Classic Stories, and Stories
about Famous Americans. What we really like is that you can download companion coloring books that go along
with each story. This way you can print off new coloring books for each trip that you take, and your kids can color
pictures while listening to some of their favorite stories. also offers free coloring pages
and mazes on their web site that are great when traveling with kids. These will entertain children both young and

For long trips, portable DVD players or video players are wonderful. If you really need to cover some miles and its
going to be 2-3 hours till your next stop, then the kids will love to watch one of their favorite movies.  These work
well for entertaining the kids, the time will go by fast, and mom and dad can talk up front, while the movie is playing.
We've got a long cable with dual headsets that works very well for our two kids. They can be comfortable in the
back and control the volume of the movie, while my wife and I have a normal conversation up front. This way we
don't have to talk extra loud to compete with the movie.

Another thing to consider is taking along an inexpensive digital camera for the kids, or maybe getting them
inexpensive disposable cameras for the trip. Kids love snapping off pictures, along the way, and you'll be amazed at
some of the neat shots that they may capture.

Last but not least, be sure you pack some pillows and  light blankets so the kids can get comfortable. Snap-on
reading lights are great in case the kids want to do some reading after it gets dark. Also, don't forget to pack a
small cooler with bottled water, juice, and soft drinks, and take along some of your favorite snacks. This will
minimize the number of stops and everyone will be more comfortable along the way.

Family vacations and traveling with kids can be great fun. Most of all just be safe. Have fun and don't stress
yourself out. Remember, you are creating family memories that will last a life time. Have a great trip!
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Favorite Family Vacations
Family vacations can be one of the most exciting
times of the year.
You've planned and anticipated
your trip for weeks or months, and finally the kids are
off for the summer, and mom and dad are on vacation.
Its a time to unwind, relax and do some fun and exciting
things together. Traveling with kids can be a great deal
of fun or it can try your patience depending on how well
you have prepared for your trip. Children live in the
present, and are not very good at waiting for long
periods or sitting quietly, so make sure that you go on
your trip adequately prepared.

It may be a road trip to visit the grandparents or
relatives, visiting a
theme park, visiting a national  park
or monument
, or touring the United States. Whatever
your vacation plans happen to be, if you are traveling
over 100 miles with kids, you'll want to take along some
things to help keep them occupied and entertained.
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