Victor, Colorado

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Victor, Colorado
Elevation 9693 ft.
Victor was founded in 1893, two years after Cripple Creek, and is located right at the foot of Battle Mountain.
Since Cripple Creek was the site of the original gold strike, it was better known and evolved as the center for the
gold camp, but Victor was actually home to some of the richest mines. It was where most of the miners lived, and
there were even a number of very successful gold mines located within the city limits. In fact the
Gold Coin Mine
was one of these, and it was discovered when the Woods brothers were digging the foundation for a first class
hotel. When they struck rich ore they developed the mine and built the hotel at a different location.

town of Victor is less commercialized than Cripple Creek and does not have casinos and gambling. Many of
the original brick buildings (built after the first fire) are still standing, and there are signs of both past mining and
active mining all around the town. In fact, a large active mining operation is located just north of town and offers
tours to the public. It is located right across the road from the Little Grouse Trailhead.
Downtown Victor Aspen
Country Cottage & Deli
Victor Lowell Thomas Museum
Victor City Hall
Vindicator Trail
Downtown Victor
Victor Gold Coin Club
Near Gold Coin Mine
Victor Trading Company
Victor Mining Relics
Old Victor Streetcar
Battle Mountain Above Victor
Downtown Victor
Tatlow Building
Favorite Family Vacations
While in Victor, be sure and visit the Victor Trading Company. It has tons of old artifacts, maps, gold ore
specimens, books, and other interesting literature on the area's history. The
Victor Hotel is beautifully decorated
and very interesting to see. The main lobby still has an old vault built-in to the wall which probably held a great
deal of wealth over the years. If you are looking for a good place to grab some lunch or breakfast, then you may
want to visit the
Aspen Country Cottage and Deli. We enjoyed lunch here on a couple occasions as we were
exploring the area. Also, be sure and visit the
Victor Lowell Thomas Museum, as there are many interesting
things to see there.

These pictures were taken on our June 2010 family vacation. Enjoy!
Victor Colorado Sign
There are nice walking and driving tours of the area, with much well preserved history to see. There are many
hiking trails nearby that take you past
old mine workings, mine headframes, ore shutes, ore sorting houses with
spectacular views of Pike's Peak and the surrounding mountains. The Vindicator Trail is very nice and takes
you past many old structures. The Battle Mountain trail is not quite as well marked, but takes you past many old
gold mines and mining structures.
Downtown Victor Aspen
Country Cottage & Deli
Famous Broom Wall
Inside Victor Trading Company
Victor Hotel
Victor Hotel
Victor Hotel Vault
Mining Equipment
Battle Mountain
Gold Coin Mine Info