Virginia & Truckee Railroad

Train Ride From Carson City to Virginia City...

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Our diesel locomotive
Mine Tailings
Entering Tunnel #2
Scenery on train
ride to Virginia City
Yellow Jacket
headframe ore chute
Train arrives in
Virginia City
Old Yellow Jacket Mine headframe and ore chute
Virginia & Truckee Railroad
The Virginia & Truckee Railroad offers fun train rides for the entire family. They offer train trips between Carson
City and Virginia City, Nevada, and also have roundtrip train rides between Gold Hill and Virginia City. Schedules
change from time to time, so be sure and check their website for their current schedule.  Also, V&T offers special
kid friendly, seasonally themed, train rides throughout the year.  

Our family took the Sisters in History Route, which is a 28-mile roundtrip train ride from Carson City to Virginia City.
Our train consisted of a diesel locomotive and two passenger cars. In addition to the engineer and others involved
in driving the train we had a conductor and train attendant who were dressed in 1850's garb and pointed out
significant landmarks and narrated the trip along the way.
diesel train engine
View from Carson
City Train Depot
passenger train car
Passenger car
Interior of
Passenger Car
Train leaving
Carson City Depot
This route takes about 1.5 hours each way and goes through two tunnels, passes the ruins of American Flat, and
passes high above the Overman mining pit. It continues on through Gold Hill and picks up the Historic Route past
many of the historic Comstock mines. This ride passes by eight mines. These include the Hale & Norcross,
Savage, Potosi, Chollar, Julia, Yellow Jacket, Crown Point and the Ward Bullion mines. Here are some pictures
that we took on the train ride up to Virginia City in the summer of 2011.
Scenery on train
ride to Virginia City
Rock formations
along the way
Train car on siding
The Yellow Jacket headframe is located right
as you get to Gold Hill. I was sitting on the left
side of the train going up to Virginia City so I
had a good view of this, but had to look
across the car at Gold Hill and most of the
mines between there and Virginia City. On the
way back I rode on the left side of the train so
that I could take pictures of these, and you will
see shots of these further down on this page.
The town of Gold Hill is located between Carson City and Virginia City along the train route. It is the site of the
original gold claims that were discovered here. Just north of the Gold Hill train depot is a huge open pit that was
once a mound-like hill where gold was extracted from. As miners dug deeper they eventually struck silver for which
Comstock Lode is more famous. The train ride between Gold Hill and Virginia City is particularly interesting
and takes you past some of the most famous and historic Comstock mines and mills. The pictures that follow
include many of the shots that we took on the return trip to Carson City and capture much of this part of the trip.
We even got a special treat to see a small herd of wild mustangs that hung around pretty close to the tracks so
that we could get some good pictures of them.  Enjoy!
Train departs
Virginia City
Mining millsite
outside Virginia City
Return trip
through Gold Hill
Return trip
through Gold Hill
Gold Hill train depot
View coming back into
Carson City
View coming back
into Carson City
Old millsite
Scenery along
the way
Gross brothers mine
Gold Hill Hotel
Gold Hill cemetery
Wild mustangs
Train heading into tunnel
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